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What is web development

What is Web Development?


To know about web development, you first need to know what is a web site? Really, this is a website where you read this article. Otherwise, it might be said that you wake up and check an APPS notification called Facebook, which is also a website. It’s also a website that you watch on YouTube.

Well, I understand what the website is? But the question can be gently what is on the website? Website is basically the sum of several web pages. We see the content on the website. We see that kind of content on the website.

Website Content

  • Text
  • Image
  • Audio
  • Video

We basically see this type of content on our website. The website basically consists of 2 parts. One of them is called Font-End. And the other is called the back-end. Font-end is also called client site and back-end server server. If we want to make anything, we go to a skilled craftsman. For example, if I want to make something of my iron, I go to the waist, and to the tailor to make my clothes. If you want to build a website, we go to the web developer.

Web Developer?

Simply put, those who create or develop websites are web developers. This web developer again is of that type. Among them

  • Font-end Developer
  • Back-end Developer
  • Full Stack Developer

We all know that websites are a kind of technology. And it requires a lot of technology to develop the web. As can be said,


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • PHP

Etc. Notable technology. In addition there are many popular technologies that we use for website development.

Web development can also be done with the most popular content management system WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc. However, in terms of commercial use, WordPress is at number 1. According to, about 35% of the world’s websites are created by WordPress. Joomla is the second most popular website with about 2.5% of the websites created. The main reason for using CMS is that it is very easy and fast to build a website here. Because CMS already has a maxim operating system. And a developer can design it as quickly as he / she needs.

Wordpress Development

HTML, CSS, Javascript is designed to scratch a website from scratch. And dynamic it through php later. When we go to create a dynamic website, we need our database later. Such as mysql, MongoDB, PostgraySQL, etc. On the website we see those types of pages.

Web Pages

  • Static web page
  • Dynamic web page
  • Single page application(SPA)


Let us give an overview of these pages. First, let’s say about a static web page. The static web pages are the pages that we see in a static state, which means that the website’s pages do not change at all. For example, if we go to a website’s About page, what we will see, after a few minutes or a few days, we will see the same. Which does not change.

Dynamic webpage is exactly the opposite of static page. These pages are updated automatically. Dynamic webpages are webpages that automatically update. As an example, when we enter YouTube we get an update video, and after a while our timeline updates. So we can call this the dynamic web page.

The single page application is completely different from the above 2. Web applications like these have only one page. And when the data is needed, it shows up in a specific section. May seem a little complex. If you use Facebook on a desktop or laptop you can see. When you click on Facebook’s profile your entire page does not load. Just changing the content inside a specific place without loading the page. Such pages are called single-page applications (SPA).

Many posts related to web development can be found on our website. Let us know if you want to know any more. We will try to answer your question. And you will share our articles with your friends. And tell us how the article is like. Thanks for taking the time to read the article.

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