The elementor plugin number #1 page builder

The elementor plugin number #1 page builder

About Elementor Plugin


No limits of design. Yes! Today I am gonna be talking about wordpress page builders. In one word, it’s the Elementor Plugin. I hope you know about page builders. The page builder is one kind of plugin they will create in your theme and page builder has to drag and drop features. You may have heard of many plugins like Visual Composer, Brave Builder, DIVI Page Builder etc. But the main reason is that plugins have so many limitations. You can not design your page freely. And if you want to make a good page you need to know about custom CSS. That is the main reason for other page builders.

But the good news is elementor plugins is only one solution for troubleshooting this kind of problem. I hope you know why I am told the sentence “No limits of design”. There is no limitation on designing the elementor plugin. It is absolutely a drag and drops page builder. A page builder that delivers high-end page designs and advanced capabilities, never before I saw on WordPress.

It is so flexible because it is lightweight. Every moment term change In the blink of an eye. Elementor is so fast loaded on your website. Basically we call it number page builder on wordpress. Because in that time when I wrote it, 4 million-plus active installations. That means 4+ million websites already use the elementor plugin. And it also has a 5-star rating on wordpress with more than 5 thousand people. I want to say that I am a huge fan of elementor. It also has a template system. You can design your own template like your single page template, header template, footer template etc. Elementor has a huge premade template library. You can get 300+ Pro Templates for absolutely free. And also has 50+ pro elements that use which you can do any kind of design.

What is elementor plugin actually?

I hope that you already know about what page builder? If you don’t know about page builders i will explain shortly. The page builder is one kind of plugin. That helps you to design your website page visually. Every theme has a default design but everyone doesn’t want the same design as the same to the theme design. That’s why we use page builders. Page builder can design a new page and it also changes the default theme design. That’s why some developers call it theme builder.

According to Elementor Plugin Developer, Elementor is the ultimate & free WordPress page builder, that lets you create beautiful WordPress websites in the easiest and quickest way possible. Elementor is a page builder plugin that replaces the basic WordPress editor with a live frontend editor, so you can create complex layouts visually, and design your website live, without having to switch between the editor and the preview mode. There is an advantage to using custom css to enhance your design experience.

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Drag and Drop

The free version of elementor plugin

You know almost every theme and plugins give a free version for the customer. So, why the elementor plugin is different is because it has Dozens of free widgets. Using the free version you can almost do a website from scratch.I have given a list of some widgets above. But there are also many widgets in this element plugin.

Free widgets for elementor plugin

Don't use null/Crack version

I mean very seriously, never use any null, crack theme or plugin for your website in any way. Why should you not use null or crack theme plugins? There are thousands of causes, some warning has been given in the below.

elementor pro nulled plugins

All the damage that will be done to you by using the crack plugin

  • It’s Contain Virus
  • 98% chances to hack your website
  • Website information theft
  • Website crashes after a few days
  • Unsolicited request
  • Effect on the seo of your website

Here are some bad aspects of using the crack plugin. But these are not the end, there are also many bad aspects of using this null or crack plugin. I highly recommend that, if you do not have enough money to buy the pro version, I will request you to use the free version. However, don’t risk your own valuable website by using null or crack theme plugins.

The Pro version of elementor plugin

Everything you’ve talked about so far with the elementor plugin was trivial. Everything was a basic feature of the elementor plugin. The pro version of the elementor plugin is a version that you have to buy used with money. Now the question you have on your head is “Why you used the pro version”. Let me explain the main difference between elementor free version and elementor pro version.

Pro widgets for elementor plugin

Every theme and plugins Companies provide a service. Plugins and themes are the digital product of the companies. Every company gives their product for free. But the free version hasn’t available all features. When you buy a licence from them you can use it properly. To develop a complete professional business website you need a pro version.

Features of elementor pro

The first features is elementor plugin template

The most favourite feature is templating. You could use a template system on your theme. What is a templating system? Ok, the template system is like an inheritance system. When you are creating your one template, that template could be used anywhere in your website. Like Header Template, Footer Template, Single page Template, Archive Template, Page Template, POPup Template, Product Template. So the elementor pro version has these features.

300+ Pre Design website for you

Yes. You haven’t heard anything wrong. The Elementor Pro version gives you a 300+ pre design website. All of the website designs are so cool and creative. Because It’s made for business purposes.All website design is professional and business classic.

Elementor pro template

50+ elementor Pro Widgets

Yes, you will get 50+ pro widgets. Widgets are a part of the design. Like you want to design something like that number countdown. Then you need countdown widgets. You will get 50+ pro widget totally free. You will not find such an opportunity anywhere else. Because Element is the only plugin that has a huge design repository. All resources you can use for elementor pro lifetime.

You will find widgets in this Pro Widget that will make your work much easier. If you want, you don’t want the default comment of a blog site. If you want you can use your Facebook comments on your blog site. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like ain’t for me either. This is usually said in the case of blogs. You will also find many elements using this element plugin. Well, let me say more about the blog. Build a CPA marketing website if you want. But most of the time our problem is we can’t keep our content locked. If you want, you can keep the content of your blog locked with this element plugin.

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Theme Builder

The most important part is the theme builder. You know before that for theme development you need huge coding experience. But now in elementor pro totally coding-free, drag and drop builder. If you use a theme builder like elementor pro then I recommend you don’t need any pro theme. Because you can do everything on the elementor pro plugin. Why do people say it is a theme builder? Because you can edit each and every page like all default pages, single pages, 404 pages and much more. That’s why people call the elementor a theme builder.

WooCommerce Builder

eCommerce is in huge demand at this time. I hope you know Amazon, Alibaba, eBay are the eCommerce websites. Every businessman wants to make an eCommerce website. But since wordpress is an easy platform that everyone wants to make their website on wordpress base. WooCommerce builder is one of the most popular and only one free eCommerce plugin in the whole wordpress. Shopify is the main competitor of wooCommerce.

Anyway comes back to the elementor pro plugin. You can edit each and everything on your wooCommerce plugin. Like you need two types of design. One thing is your shop page and another thing is a single product page. You can design your shop page with template archive and you could design your single product page. It has some useful widgets for wooCommerce builders. They are product review, product categories slider, product gallery, product images, add to cart button and so much more thing you need to just use it.


Popup Builder

Popup making with elementor plugin

Most of the time when you visit a website You get a popup message. There are a lot of types of popup boxes. Some popup shows when we are visiting as a new visitor, other types of popup show when we scroll some page. And other types of popup like when we click on the button then the website will show a popup box. So see the multi types of popup box on the website. It has these features, yes you can easily create a popup box. Not only scratch you can get pre-design popup also. Because at above I told you that elementor has a huge design resource.

elementor customer service

Support for 1 Year

One year free support from elementor. They are professional elementor developers who support you to build your website. They are 24/7 active to support you. That is a cool man. You got a huge demanded plugin, you got a pre-design template, you got all-time support. That’s best in my opinion.

money back guaranty from elementor plugin

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee For New Purchases

If you have any problem, or if you face anything that you don’t want or you dislike this plugin definitely you will get your money back in 30 days. This grant I will give you because I know it is true. So you have no dude about this.

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