How to earn money from a website 2020

Do want to earn money online? Are you thinking to earn money using your website? If you have this article will be very helpful for you. I have 4 years of experience in online marketing and web industry. Now the question of how to earn money from a website? What you will need to make a website? I will Describe here everything, so read the whole article.

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How to earn money from a website?

First of all, I want to be talking about some important and real statement that no one telling you. You need a burning desire to be a successful man. Every successful man has a burning desire. And you need also Patience. Without patience, you can’t earn money from online. And You need a website. Listen, every business needs an initial investment. Without investment, you couldn’t get more profit. So, how much will be cost it? If you want to make a website you need a small budget to follow instruction.


#Domain & Hosting Cost: 

Why you need domain and hosting? Because without domain hosting you can’t make a website. I always prefer to take a hosting package from  StiteGround. Because the site is the best hosting provider. 

What is the domain? The domain is you website name. Like is a website name. What is hosting? Hosing is disk space/server where your website stored. If you buy the hosting from my link you will get UP-TO 60% OFF. The link is here:

Now the step is making the final website. But before starting to make a website you need to know what type of website you need to make for earning. There are lot of option to earning from the website. But you have to know what is your interest? And how you will belong to it? You can be earned from: 
  1. eCommerce Business
  2. Blogging
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Drop shipping
Here are four popular option to earn money from a website. I am telling about 3 option to earn money from a website. 

#1 Blogging:

Do you like writing something like a book review, poems, educational blog, article? If you have this habit you can automation on your fixed earning. So, What you will need? You need a Blog website. So many options had on your hand but my recommendation is tried to invest something. Invest like as a tree plantation. Google AdSense! yes, you can earn more in this way. When you are registering on Google AdSense they are given some ads on your website for that google pay you. Blogging is on kind of publication. You can earn money without Google Adsense. But how? You can publish local advertising on your website. How to choose your topic? If you want to be a blog article writer, I always prefer to write on topic which is most of the interesting and you feel good on that topic. If you like cocking you can write on cocking and new recipe. If you like to fashion you can write on new fashion strategy and review fashion product.   SolvepandaSolvepanda

#2 Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing like blogging. That’s means you write some product review such as Amazon Products. When you write a review the customer get the link to buy that product. if customer buying a product from your reference you can earn some presents of commissions. It’s an amazing 3rd party business. Affiliate marketing is commission-based marketing. If you are thinking you can sell something or you can suggest some product and people believe you, affiliate marketing is the best option for you. Like you, if buy the hosting from siteground from my link then I got a commission. And you also get 60% off  the price and I also get a commission. It’s benefit for both you and me. That is affiliate marketing.

#3 Online Store:

Online store or virtual store. Are a Businessman or if you sell something on your physical store you can sell this product online very easily. You can reach your customer very quickly. It’s called eCommerce website/online store. You can make an eCommerce website and you can sell worldwide. Actually, eCommerce or online store is a real business for you. You are selling your product on this site. People are buying your product here. Like,, etc is also eCommerce website and today they are a multi-billionaire businessman. And you can make this change. Remember always “No risk, No game”. Now the main problem of how can you make a website? You have no coding skills or you are not a computer programmer. Yes, you can build it from another website developer who can create your website. But if you want to work with an agency it was charge huge demand. They can charge more than 1000 USD for an eCommerce website.  Don’t worry. I have a solution for you. You can hire a freelancer. Freelancer can do the same quality website but you can make it in the lowest price. You can make the website in 300 to 400 USD. You can check out a great freelancer from here.

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